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In the past I have visited a few professional therapy offices and with each one I have come away short of money, little results and frankly a feeling of being unfinished at the end of the session with the therapist saying “see you next week”, while rushing me out the door in time for the next client. So, I was a bit hesitant to try again.


I am happy to report that after my DELETE RESET session with Kim Haden at Rhythm Holistic Therapies, I not only feel completely and deeply heard and understood, I also feel my issue was completely resolved, and what I liked the most, was that no past trauma was re hashed in order to resolve my issue.


What I specifically liked the most was that at Rhythm Holistic Therapies I was given the time to explore my mind chatter and then Kim was able to tenderly navigate me to a space in my subconscious where we, together could safely unpack what had been unseen and unspoken. Kim was able to give this part of me a voice and actions, which bought resolution to my being.


The biggest benefit of attending this DELETE RESET Session at Rhythm Holistic Therapies was that it was conducted in the safety of my own home, in the comfort of my own arm chair, where I could cry, scream, feel scared, and without any one else hearing me or seeing me all puffy eyed as I walked out of a sterile, busy therapy room because Kim facilitated this session via a Zoom room.


Other benefits I noticed were

• The way the session was broken into 2 parts, the investigation then the deep inner work. • The extended length of the session time.

• Kim’s innate ability to connect to all personality types

• And lastly the beautiful way in which Kim presented me with the positive learnings from my DELETE RESET Session, a keep sake I can look back on to remind me of my forward moving goals and actions.


Would I recommend Rhythm Holistic Therapies to others ABSOLUTELY, YES!

Nicole - June 2020

Your amazing ability has provided so much positive clarity for myself. And has enabled my non-verbal daughter to clear so many blocks we had no way of knowing were causing her to freeze. Each time we see you have so much gratitude for the support you provide.


I can highly recommend this beautiful soul. She has helped me so very much with her amazing gifts and loving light. I came to her very broken and without much hope from some deep trauma and I can honestly say I’m no longer in that pain.


I highly recommend these Forensic Healing sessions with Kim. Even just the chat sessions are equally as insightful. For me it was that stuck feeling of not knowing what to do and Kim simply listened then put things in order in such a light bulb obvious way. I always feel clearer and more focused when ever I've spent time with Kim in person or via distance.


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