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Kim Haden

Forensic Healer (Dip FH)

Timeline Reset Practitioner

Delete Reset Practitioner

Sacred Ancestral Clearing and DNA Healing Practitioner

Past Life Regression Therapist

Family Freedom Protocol Practitioner

Kim is passionate about empowering people to live in alignment with their own inner guidance and to navigate the spectrum of human emotions and experiences in a loving and compassionate way.

During her own healing and self-awareness journey, Kim realised the connection between the outside world and how she was feeling on the inside didn’t match! It wasn’t until she landed in a class studying transpersonal counselling that Kim learnt she was highly sensitive and empathic which gave more insight into why she was so easily overwhelmed. Since learning this about herself, Kim was able to learn new ways to navigate and enhance her experience.

Before Kim’s counselling studies, she started noticing the conversations she was having with people was changing, become more in depth and people, even strangers, were sharing their thoughts and problems with her. This was when her intuitive abilities started to present and was able to provide guidance and new ways of looking at things, changing perspective. This was the catalyst that has led Kim on a path of learning various healing modalities to heal and improve herself, so she is able to assist others who are easily overwhelmed by their environment and emotions.

Since embarking on this career path, Kim has learnt more from her clients than she could ever imagine by providing a safe, nurturing environment where clients can come and explore their inner world, bringing the unconscious into the conscious empowering them to make new choices, have the skills to heal themselves and to then go on to help empower others. The ripple effect of empowerment can never be underestimated, changing ourselves, sharing our knowledge and experiences contributes to positive changes in the world.

Kim did not know what the path of ‘wanting to help others’ would look like and resisted for a long time, but since allowing her inner guidance to assist in showing her the way, her outside world and inner world are more in alignment and is now helping people find the alignment and balance in their lives, by making more conscious choices.

Kim wears many hats including mother, daughter, sister, friend, wise woman, caring and compassionate therapist and like you, a spiritual being having a human experience.


I want everybody to be happy,

I am a part of everybody.

I don't want to hurt anybody,

I am a part of anybody.

It is time to include myself in everybody and anybody.

 Kim Haden

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